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Intelligent ASP SortPro complements TLA

New TLA required more powerful sample input

München Klinik has over 10 years of experience with bulk sorters of older design. With the introduction of TLA in mid-2021, these separate devices were to be abolished at the Neuperlach site and all samples were to be fed directly into the TLA processes via bulk loaders. For technical reasons, this was not directly feasible in this way. “We still need the sample to be identified first, then activated, which the TLA system cannot do itself in this way,” explains the Munich Director of Laboratory Medicine, Dr. Alexander v. Meyer.

“Due to the more modern IT structure and higher flexibility, we saw an opportunity to improve this with ASP SortPro. Here, each sorting destination has as standard a recognition of whether samples have been assigned there since the last tray emptying. This is a crucial point for Munich Hospital. Otherwise, keeping the TAT in line with the processes with a small number of staff remains a challenge that cannot be solved. The verdict of the Munich laboratory director is unambiguous:

“The ASP SortPro can do that, the other older sorters of ours are not suitable for urgent sample material.”

You can read in detail how a separate high-performance sorter further optimizes the TLA in the business case, which you can view here: