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Unpacking and buffering sample tubes with ASP SortTable unpacking table

Ergonomic work table for buffering and unpacking large amounts of tubes in sample preparation in medical laboratories.

Sample submissions are unpacked on the SortTable, collected in the buffer and from there automatically fed into the SortPro Sorter for processing. Even with a high volume of samples and samples arriving in the laboratory in spurts, it is ensured that unpacking sample tubes can be done in a continuous workflow and the sorter is constantly running at maximum capacity. In this way, efficiency can be maximized and TAT minimized while at the same time relieving staff.

Proben auspacken
KapSafe recapper in its version "mini"

Unpacking and buffering samples – ergonomically and efficiently

Continuous utilization of the sorter with a large sample buffer

Automated laboratory processes are designed for constant work. When, on the other hand, the samples are delivered irregularly, congestion and idle times arise during unpacking samples tubes and the registration and sorting process.

SortTable buffers even heavily fluctuating sample volumes by collecting up to 5,000 samples and feeding them to the sorter without interruption. This works with maximum performance in continuous operation. In this way, the efficiency can be maximized and the TAT minimized even at higher loads.

Efficient work in sample receipt when unpacking sample tubes

There is plenty of room for unpacking sample tubes on SortTable’s large work surface. The samples are then moved into the sample buffer through the openings in the rear area of the table. Since up to 5,000 samples can be buffered and processed here quickly, the walk-away time at this station is very high and ties up very little staff.

Regardless of your transport solution on the way from blood collection to the laboratory, all samples are prepared for automated collection and distribution with minimal effort.

No need for qualified operators

The use is purely intuitive, the table operates fully automatically. It is specified for unpacking sample tubes by assistants or even the delivering staff, while your qualified staff takes care of other work in the peak times of everyday laboratory work.

Increased efficiency in sample accessioning

  • Continuous operation of the SortPro
  • Accelerated unpacking sample tubes
  • Ergonomic workplace

SortTable demonstration video

Technical specification – SortTable

  • Dimensions W x H x D: 1970 mm x 1060 mm x 800 mm
  • Working height: 950 mm
  • Working surface: 1600 mm x 950 x 800 mm
  • Setup on SortPro: Left, in line or right angle
  • Sample capacity: up to 5,000 depending on dimensions
  • Supply voltage: 100 – 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 36 VA


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