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R & D / OEM

ASP continuously invests in the further development of its products.

In addition to pure automation, software is being developed to achieve efficient and intelligent workflow solutions that go beyond mechanical automation. Furthermore, quality measurement systems are developed to identify unsuitable material in the early phase of the laboratory process and to give appropriate information to the laboratory staff.

ASP has a well-trained and highly motivated team of experts with different professional backgrounds such as Construction, electronics, software development, sensor development and biology. In order to be able to benefit optimally from our respective know-how, we work closely together as a team, always with the aim of developing the best possible products.

Furthermore, our work is supported by cooperation with scientific institutions. In recent years, several new research projects have resulted in successful new product developments.

ASP is also happy to work for your company in the development and production of your specific automation solutions. For more information, see “OEM”.


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