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Blood clotting detection

The aim of the project is to develop a pre-analytical sorting system consisting of a new, fully automatic rack loading module with actuators and automatic image processing and an innovative and new pre-analytic measuring system with intelligent sensors for in-situ sample identification for blood samples in clinical laboratories.

During the sorting process, the sorting system should fully automatically record, and evaluate basic parameters of the existence of micro clots in real time and make a decision as to whether or with what restriction as to whether or with what restrictions the sample is fed to the automated analysis of blood parameters.

For the first time, the system should enable the detection of micro clots in blood samples fully automatically in the normal process and provide proof before the analysis. This preprocessing during the assembly (sorting) process is intended to identify potential sources of error in the following analysis and to take them into account for further processing. The system is to be equipped with intelligent sensors and is to be optimized for the first time using self-learning algorithms in exchange with other devices. This is intended to reduce the cost of analysis by preselecting (eliminating) unsuitable samples and to ensure reliability of results.