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How can lab testing errors caused by using incorrect sample containers be avoided?
Medical laboratories are often confronted with such situation. Samples arrive at the production area, and after a first sorting, are sent for testing. Hours later it becomes clear, that some samples should not have been tested, meaning higher costs for lab and ultimately, arguments between the lab and the sender. Only if the senders adhere to the specifications is the optimal process flow in your laboratory guaranteed.

In challenging times like now, automation has strongly supported laboratories all over the world reduce their errors rates.

With its optical detector, SortPro can identify all commercially available sample tubes by their dimensions and characteristic profile. SortPro can identify the manufacturer, volume and type of the tube faster and more reliably than your experienced laboratory staff and document it for each individual specimen. This information can be reported to the LIS and/or the affected sample sorted into a separate target bin.

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SortPro detects much more than barcodes and cap colors. Error-free and every second, it can also check the quality of the tubes delivered. All the visible features that your laboratory personnel use to identify sample tubes and assign them for further processing can also be recognized by SortPro and used as sorting criteria. With the recognition of tube type, volume and manufacturer, centrifugation status or the proper engagement of the stamps of aspiration blood samples (i.e., Sarstedt), for the first time a sample sorter can also automate central functions in quality management and relieve technical personnel of even more routine tasks than it has already done in the past.