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The ASP SortPro tube sorter is not only the fastest of its kind but is also designed to provide maximum support and relief for the staff in the laboratory. For example, with the intelligent target bin display. For each bin, the device constantly informs about which samples are being collected here and shows the operating status of the target bin.

A matrix display above each target bin shows what material is going into this bin. The text can be freely edited for each target bin and each sorting rule. When changing the sorting rule, the display is automatically updated. This means that it is always clear which samples are currently being sorted into which bin.

The operating status of each individual target bin is shown below this display via a three-colored LED light bar. At a glance it is easy to see which bin are still empty (blue), where samples have already been sorted (green) and which bins are completely full (red flashing).

With these two displays directly above each individual target bin, it is immediately possible to see during operation where the different samples are located, and which bins require operator intervention. The manual labeling of target bins or containers is a thing of the past, as is the search for the bin that just needs to be emptied.

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