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Post-analytics, close blood sample tubes

KapSafe – close blood sample tubes

KapSafe is an automated, pneumatics-free, high-speed, benchtop recapper designed to recap tubes safely and automatically for storage or archiving. The system recaps all standard vacuum collection tubes with 13 to 16 mm diameter and enables repeated automated decapping and recapping. It provides walkaway operations with an input capacity of up to 20 racks with various-sized tubes in each rack.

    • Roche Cobas® /Hitachi

    • Abbott Architect™

    • Beckman AU

    • Siemens Centaur ® XP Racks

    • LGP 10 position generic racks

    KapSafe closes tubes with 75 – 100 mm length and 13-16 mm diameter, e.g. BD and Greiner


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