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About us

ASP Lab Automation is your partner for the efficient design of sample receipt in medical laboratories. We offer process optimization solutions for sample preparation and postanalytical processing. Our focus is always on advising our customers and improving their processes. We are a dynamic company with experienced, highly motivated employees who work closely together in a modern corporate culture with flat structures. Our goal is to deliver robust, reliable and easy-to-use solutions to the constantly growing market requirements of medical laboratories worldwide.

What sets us apart

Whether the attention to detail of two perfectly interlocking gears or the enthusiasm to change the customer’s world with new technology – everyone has their own drive. Nevertheless, we all share the desire to make process optimization solutions for sample preparation and postprocessing more reliable and faster: whether from personal experience or dedication to the underlying technology. Every day one step closer to our goal.

Technology from people for people

Our goal is to relieve people in the laboratory of routine tasks and thus make the processes faster and more error-free to provide the patient with the analysis results they need in a timely manner.


With over 15 years of experience in the field of pre- and post-analysis, experienced employees and business partners, we offer the most suitable products and services for the needs and expectations of our customers.


Utilize core values such as high quality, reliable partners and sustainable product development to become a leading company in the pre- and post-analytics segment.


Our responsibility for nature and people

ASP attaches great importance to social standard and the careful use of natural resources. Important points are equal opportunities and equal treatment, no discrimination, responsibility for health and safety as well as minimizing environmental pollution and continuously improving environmental protection. Further information can be found in the ASP „Code of Conduct“.

Our philosophy

Changed requirements of clinical laboratories

Many years ago, studies were carried out in relatively small series. Tests were carried out manually on simple devices. Many years ago, studies were carried out in relatively small series. Tests were carried out manually on simple devices. Today the number and range of examinations to be carried out are constantly increasing. The permanent lowering of the remuneration for diagnostic services and simultaneously increasing quality requirements increase the pressure for increased efficiency.

Highly specialized and fully automatic analytic devices with a high sample throughput are utilized.

Declining availability of trained specialist staff is another challenge.

„Efficient Lab Solutions“; „Efficient Lab Solutions“; ASP supports you in optimizing your processes and improving efficiency as well as relieving your qualified employees.

Automation and TLA

To carry out the actual examination of the samples, there are now samples, there are now highly efficient analytic devices that are becoming more and more automated. Their use and concept of the holistic process flow must be planned carefully.

Laboratory efficiency beyond TLA

The automation of analysis with the help of TLA does not cover the entire process. Systems for pre- and post-automation are also required.

ASP offers automation solutions beyond TLA. Our products for pre- and post-automation can be used very flexibly and solve individual or multiple tasks very efficiently.