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Aerial photo taken from the building of Mater Dei Hospital in Malta, which invested in automated sample distribution


Automated Sample Distribution:
ASP SortPro ALSR4 Revolutionizes Mater Dei Hospital

Mater Dei Hospital in Malta, with its over 1,000 beds, is constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline its operations and enhance patient care. One solution that has made a significant stride in this direction is the newly developed ASP SortPro ALSR4 for automated sample distribution.


ASP SortPro ASLR4 – The heart of the all-in-one automated sample distribution

The ASP SortPro ALSR4 serves as the central component of an all-in-one automated sample distribution system that revolutionizes sample transport within the hospital. This state-of-the-art system eliminates any manual handling during the transport of laboratory samples within the hospital. It replaces routine tasks and long walks for staff with a contactless and highly efficient process.


Intelligent Sample Routing

As the intelligent core, ASP SortPro ALSR4 has been integrated for fully automatic detection and distribution of all samples into the existing pneumatic transport system. The implementation was designed to perfectly mirror established hospital workflows, ensuring a smooth and seamless adoption process. The seamless transition meant that hospital staff didn’t need to undergo extensive training or change their daily routines.

The primary goal was to enhance the reliability of sample identification and ensure consistency during transport. The innovative system incorporates advanced technologies such as barcode scanning, HD image processing, and RFID tags to uniquely identify the samples and accurately determine their positions during transport. No more mix-ups or delays – the ASP SortPro ALSR4 has everything under control.

What sets this system apart is its intelligence in routing all samples to their respective destinations. For the four main departments – Hematology, Cardiology, Biochemistry, and Immunology – the ASP SortPro ALSR4 has been programmed to instantly assign the sample to the correct department within fractions of a second. The right decision is made based on the requirements stored in the digital patient record. This intelligent routing maximizes efficiency and saves valuable time for both patients and doctors.


Flexibility and Balance for the operation

Another crucial feature of the ASP SortPro ALSR4 is its ability to allow manual tube entry at the main reception station. This flexibility enables the seamless integration of all existing hospital processes, meeting the requirements of both automated processes and the continued integration of manually organized tasks. The hospital staff appreciates this combination as a perfect balance between workload relief and adaptability.

Speed is another highlight of this groundbreaking system. Through rapid transport and real-time sorting, the turnaround time for sample analysis has been drastically reduced. This leads to quicker diagnoses and faster treatment decisions, ultimately resulting in better patient outcomes.

However, the decisive argument lies in the substantial cost reduction that the hospital would achieve with the implementation of the ASP SortPro ALSR4. Dr. Christopher Barbara, the clinical head of the Pathology department, confirms that all expectations have been met in this regard as well. “This is not only a highly efficient system that facilitates a swift journey from the patient’s bed to results on the doctor’s desk. It’s also remarkably cost-effective,” he expressed his satisfaction with the implemented innovations.


Transformation and Impact

Once the implementation of the ASP SortPro ALSR4 was complete, this transformation became immediately noticeable throughout the hospital. Patients and doctors have since experienced how the seamless process significantly expedites the necessary laboratory analyses. Simultaneously, hospital staff are pleased with the time saved and the management of associated cost reduction.

Mater Dei in Malta stands as a guarantor of innovation and progress. With ASP SortPro ALSR4, the hospital has taken another significant leap forward in providing top-notch medical care to patients. Fully automated sample distribution was once science fiction. Here, it is now a reality, tangibly enhancing medical care while reducing costs.