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What we do: everything about the pre and post analysis


Advice on the efficient process design
We have many years of international experience in the design and automation of processes for handling specimens pre- and post-analysis. No two laboratories are the same, particularly in the international environment. We have worked with many laboratories around the world, facing many different requirements and processes.  These experiences give us a creative advantage in helping to improve your lab’s performance.

Sales - automation instrumentation

We offer instruments to automate your processes in the areas of pre- and post analysis. Coupled with our experience, our equipment becomes an integral part of finding the best answers to your automation questions.

Support and training during new process implementation and device introduction
Often, lab personnel can be the biggest hurdle to changing a process or introducing new automation. Most people don’t like or embrace change. The best new plans can be useless if employees do not buy in. We assist you in training your personnel to understand and support new processes and technologies.

Installation, maintenance and repair
ASP Lab Automation has an experienced and competent service department. We do all installation, maintenance, and repair of the instruments we sell. Internationally, these jobs are completed by our local representatives after they have been thoroughly trained by our staff. We constantly share each others’ experiences so as to provide a uniform quality of service in the most efficient manner possible.

Development and production of customer-specific automation

ASP Lab Automation develops and manufactures its own and customer-specific automation solutions. We are currently working on modern image processing methods and other sensory approaches for qualifying samples prior to analysis.

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