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Tubesorter TwinSort



Bulk sorters offer two main functions:


1) Specimen identification and registration with the lab’s IT system


2) Fast sorting according to the lab’s specific needs.


Oftentimes labs cannot make full use of both functions, registration vs. sorting, because sorting information is not available until all patient specimens are registered. In this case, labs use the cap color identification detector and sort for material only, then fine-sort after all orders in the LIS are activated.


TwinSort carries out both steps at once. TwinSort consists of two SortPro sorters that are cleverly connected. Both sorters can be configured with a variable number of sorting bins. Both can be equipped with CapIdent cap color detectors for material classification. Specimens are placed into the left sorter. This registers them with the LIS. It can sort out specific tubes, e.g. STATs or tubes with unreadable barcodes. All other specimens are delivered into the hopper of the second sorter. This automatically starts as soon as the information of all specimens from the first sorter is available.


TwinSort features:

  • Specimen identification and registration
  • Specimen Buffering
  • Sorting after all orders in the LIS have been activated
  • No manual intervention


Please contact us if you want to learn more about TwinSort.


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