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The SortPro bulk sorter is one of the best investments your clinical lab can make. By scanning the barcodes of your incoming specimens, the SortPro can identify each specimen, register the specimen with your LIS, and sort the sample tubes into convenient and easy to handle sample bins. Using the SortPro in the Accessioning area guarantees error free sorting of the incoming tubes to the various analytical departments in your lab. With SortPro, you know exactly which specimens were received and when they entered the lab.


Your advantages:

  • Timely recording of specimen arrival
  • Sort specimens according to the your needs, including priority
  • Detect specimens without orders or with unreadable barcodes
  • Improve Turn around time (TAT), accuracy traceability
  • Gently and safely handling of specimens at all times

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SortPro can process all common specimen tubes and recognizes all commonly used barcodes. The barcodes can be used directly for sorting your tubes or additional information, such as requested tests, can be retrieved from your LIS and used in the sorting rules. Cap color can be optionally added as a sorting criterion. Sorting rules are easy to generate. Although we perform the initial set up and can always assist with future changes, many labs often generate their own sort rules.


SortPro works on a continuous flow basis, no long interruptions for loading or unloading specimens. More specimens can be loaded at any time without stopping the sorter. Specimens are also processed on a „first in, first out“ basis. Newly loaded tubes do not get mixed with tubes already in the hopper so you don’t have to worry about tubes sitting in the sorter indefinitely, as it can be seen with other devices.


With a sorting speed ca. 3,000 tubes per hour, the SortPro helps eliminate bottlenecks in the Pre-Analytical area, keeping your analyzers loaded with specimens and minimizing idle time.


SortPro is delivered with 6, 8, or 10 target bins. More target bins are available upon request.

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More information is easily available. Simply click here and we’ll get in touch with you to see how SortPro might fit into your facility.


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See here the video of the SortPro Sorter


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