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Automated recapping of sample tubes with KapSafe™

It is an often seen practice in labs that analyzed sample tubes are closed for archiving by means of a lid covering all tubes of a rack or even left uncovered at all. From the lab quality point of view both methods are more than questionable. Evaporation, contamination and spillages jeopardize results of specimen reruns.


Automatic foil based recapping leads to difficulties in removing the closure for a rerun and creates problems when recapping again. Manual recapping with plastic caps is ideal for simple and automatic decapping of the tubes but it is time consuming and it puts your personnel at risk for Repetitive Motion Injuries.


KapSafe™ is an automated benchtop recapper designed to safely and automatically recap tubes for storage or archiving. The system recaps all standard vacuum collection tubes and enables repeated automated decapping and recapping. It processes multiple types of racks with various-sized tubes in each rack.


  • Minimizes evaporation and sample contamination for stored specimen tubes
  • Protects against Repetitive Motion Injuries associated with manual recapping
  • Improves lab productivity and process quality




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The data sheet is available for download here.


Watch the KapSafe in action: Video



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