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Bulk Loader LoadPro




LoadPro with additional output modules for specimen sorting


Transfer arm, left when removing the tube from the conveyor belt, right during the erection process for the handover








The LoadPro bulk loader is an automated device to load blood and urine specimen tubes into pucks and racks of automation tracks and other clinical instrumentation. The system to be loaded picks up a tube at the transfer spot and immediately provides another empty tube carrier for the next specimen. LoadPro can be configured for various transfer positions and therefore universally applicable.


  • Loading of pucks and racks with specimen from bulk
  • Processes all common tube sizes and types
  • High throughput of 1,200 tubes per hour
  • Identification and sorting of specimens is possible


Specimens are poured into the input hopper as bulk and separately moved to a conveyer belt. The base model moves all specimens to the same transfer spot and erects them. A gripper takes them from there and transfers them to the connected system. Barcode readers and a cap color sensor can be installed in addition to inform the connected system about details of the transferred specimen.

As an option LoadPro can guide the specimens to several conveyer belts with different targets and even can sort them into sorting bins. LoadPro processes all common specimen tubes with 70 to 120 mm length and 10 to 18 mm diameter (including cap).

LoadPro works on a continuous flow basis without any interruptions. More specimens can be loaded at any time without stopping the device. Specimens are also processed on a „first in, first out“ basis. Newly loaded tubes do not get mixed with tubes already in the hopper so you don’t have to worry about tubes sitting in the sorter indefinitely, as it can be seen with other devices

The processing speed of LoadPro is 1,200 specimens per hour and depends substantially on the transfer performance of the subsequent system.


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