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Automated Decapper

Although the job appears to be simple enough, removing the cap from an evacuated blood sample tube can be a demanding task. The repetitive action of manually removing the caps can cause fatigue and bring on chronic symptoms, such as Carpel Tunnel syndrome. Aerosol spray during cap removal can be dangerous for your employees and can lead to contamination of the specimen; even cross contamination. If tubes are left open for an extended period of time, there is an even greater risk of altering the specimen through contamination, oxidation, or evaporation. Transporting open tubes through the lab is equally detrimental to the integrity of the specimen.


These problems can be minimized by automatically decapping specimens as close to the analyzers as possible. Our decappers are compact, efficient, and cost effective table-top machines that can be easily located next to the analyzer. Potential personnel health issues and specimen problems are reduced simultaneously, and the quality of your processes can be noticeably improved.






Automated decapping close to the analyzer:

  • Minimizes potential health risks from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and aerosol contamination
  • Minimizes the possibility of contaminating specimens
  • Eliminates the risk of spillage during transport through the lab

Decapper PLUGGO RH


Decapper with rack table to process up to 15 racks automatically.


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Decapper PLUGGO RHs


Decapper to process specimens directly in the analyzer racks, which are loaded manually.

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Decapper PLUGGO Standard


Universal Decapper to process tubes in carousel racks.


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