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Pluggo RHs

Our Pluggo RHs decapper safely and automatically removes original caps from vacuum sample tubes. Analyzer racks filled with tubes are placed in the inlet channel and are manually forwarded to the decapping station. The tubes stay in the racks during decapping. Removed caps are captured and held for proper disposal.


The simple design guarantees a high reliability, minimal service requirements, and the easiest of use. The Pluggo RHs is designed specifically to be a compact and reliable alternative for labs where the throughput is too small to require complete automation yet large enough where manual decapping could be a strain on personnel.


Pluggo RHs can be used with the following racks; other racks are available upon request:

  • Roche Cobas® /Hitachi
  • Abbott Architect™
  • Beckman (Olympus) AU
  • Iris/Sysmex


We will be glad to send you further information on request.


The data sheet is available for download here.


Watch the Pluggo RHs in action: Video




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