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Pluggo RH

Our Pluggo RH decapper is a compact table-top device that safely and efficiently removes original caps from blood specimen tubes. Tubes in an analyzer rack are put in the inlet channel; tubes stay in the rack during decapping. The inlet channel holds up to 15 racks that are automatically processed. Racks with tubes that have been decapped are pushed into the outlet channel. Removed caps are captured in a holder for proper disposal.


The Pluggo combines safety with ease of use and hygienic specimen handling, and a decapping speed of over 2,000 tubes per hour guarantees that the analyzers will not be idle waiting for samples.


Using the Pluggo RH is remarkably easy: place the racks in the inlet channel and press the START button. The Pluggo RH operates fully automatically without need of an attendant. More racks can be added to the inlet channel or removed from the outlet channel without stopping the machine.


Pluggo RH’s robust and simple design guarantees high reliability and uptime. Daily maintenance is minimal, consisting only of cleaning.


Pluggo RH can be used with the following racks; other racks are available upon request:

  • Roche Cobas® /Hitachi
  • Abbott Architect™
  • Beckman (Olympus) AU
  • Siemens Centaur ® XP
  • Iris/Sysmex
  • Tecan


We will be glad to send you further information on request.


The data sheet is available for download here.


Watch the Pluggo RH in action: Video


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